CompTIA Network+

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NameStart DateDaysClass TimesPriceEnroll
CompTIA Network+ Certification (Exam N10-008)07/24/202358:00 AM-4:00 PM CST$2,475.00
CompTIA Network+ Certification (Exam N10-008)08/14/202358:00 AM-4:00 PM CST$2,475.00
CompTIA Network+ Certification (Exam N10-008)09/11/2023510:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST$2,475.00

Course Overview

CompTIA Network+ certification verifies the necessary technical competencies to establish, preserve, and resolve problems in critical networks that organizations depend on while ensuring security. In contrast to networking certifications specific to vendors, this certification prepares candidates to maintain networks on any platform. It is the sole certification that encompasses the precise skills required for network professionals. While other certifications are too broad to cover hands-on skills and the precise knowledge required in current networking environments, CompTIA Network+ certification provides in-depth coverage. This course will equip you to take the CompTIA Network+ certification test and potentially receive a Credly Badge.


This course is suitable for those with roles such as Network Field Technician/Engineer, Network Administrator, Help Desk Technician, Network Support Specialist, and Network Analyst.


CompTIA A+ and/or a minimum of 9 months networking experience recommended.

Learning Objectives

Course Outline

Topic 1A- Compare and Contrast OSI Model Layers
Topic 1B- Configure SOHO Networks

Topic 2A- Summarize Ethernet Standards
Topic 2B- Summarize Copper Cabling Types
Topic 2C- Summarize Fiber Optic Cabling Types

Topic 3A- Deploy Networking Devices
Topic 3B- Explain Network Interfaces
Topic 3C- Deploy Common Ethernet Switching Features

Topic 4A- Explain Network Troubleshooting Methodology
Topic 4B- Troubleshoot Common Cable Connectivity Issues

Topic 5A- D Explain IPv4 Addressing Schemes
Topic 5B- Explain IPv4 Forwarding
Topic 5C- Configure IP Networks and Subnets

Topic 6A- Use Appropriate Tools to Test IP Configuration
Topic 6B- Troubleshoot IP Networks
Topic 6C- Explain IPv6 Addressing Schemes

Topic 7A- Compare and Contrast Routing Concepts
Topic 7B- Compare and Contrast Dynamic Routing Concepts
Topic 7C- Install and Troubleshoot Routers

Topic 8A- Explain Network Types and Characteristics
Topic 8B- Explain Tiered Switching Architecture
Topic 8C- Explain Virtual LANs

Topic 9A- Compare and Contrast Transport Protocols
Topic 9B- Use Appropriate Tools to Scan Network Ports

Topic 10A- Explain the Use of Network Addressing Services
Topic 10B- Explain the Use of Name Resolution Services
Topic 10C- Configure DNS Services

Topic 11A- Explain the Use of Web, File/Print, and Database Services
Topic 11B- Explain the Use of Email and Voice Services

Topic 12A- Explain the Use of Network Management Services
Topic 12B- Use Event Management to Ensure Network Availability
Topic 12C- Use Performance Metrics to Ensure Network Availability

Topic 13A- Explain Common Security Concepts
Topic 13B- Explain Authentication Methods

Topic 14A- Compare and Contrast Security Appliances
Topic 14B- Troubleshoot Service and Security Issues

Topic 14A- Compare and Contrast Security Appliances
Topic 14B- Troubleshoot Service and Security Issues

Topic 15A- Summarize Wireless Standards
Topic 15B- Install Wireless Networks
Topic 15C- Troubleshoot Wireless Networks
Topic 15D- Configure and Troubleshoot Wireless Security

Topic 16A- Explain WAN Provider Links
Topic 16B- Compare and Contrast Remote Access Methods

Topic 17A- Explain Organizational Documentation and Policies
Topic 17B- Explain Physical Security Methods
Topic 17C- Compare and Contrast Internet of Things Devices

Topic 18A- Explain Disaster Recovery Concepts
Topic 18B- Explain High Availability Concepts

Topic 19A- Applying Network Hardening Techniques
Topic 19B- Apply Network Hardening Techniques

Topic 20A- Summarize Cloud Concepts
Topic 20B- Explain Virtualization and Storage Area Network Technologies
Topic 20C- Explain Datacenter Network Architecture

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